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Christophe Veille, a sobriety bias.
Ze Design Factory is an interior design agency, in the district of luxury and elegance. The "show room", which opens directly onto a courtyard with a showcase, immediately offers a glimpse of the identity of the agency and the personality of its director, Christophe Veille. The space is large, the large and generous volumes, the minimalist and "industrial" decoration, the style both refined and modern, - the tone is given.

You thought you saw everything about contemporary furniture? The interior designer Christophe Veille will prove to you that a clean and minimalist style can still surprise the most seasoned design addicts! After having founded Ze Design Factory, Christophe Veille accumulates more varied and singular achievements than the others, with private and professional customers. Talent and recommendations require, he enjoys a solid reputation that he intends to "export" to new horizons.

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